August 2017, dates TBA

Pacific Northwest


06/16/17: Nevada City, CA

FoxHound w/Ona Ziegler and Kate Hoyle


06/03/17: Berkeley, CA

Splendor Bus on Grizzly Peak Blvd. 6pm


05/27/17: San Francisco, CA

Amnesia, 8pm


05/19/17: Oakland, CA

Studio Grand, 9pm


05/14/17: San Francisco, CA

3238 26th St. 7pm – 10pm


04/27/17: Oakland, CA

Night Light w/ Slow Motion Cowboys. 311 Broadway. 9pm.


04/22/17: Oakland, CA

House Show, High Street House


04/10/17: Oakland, CA

“Run with the Moon” at Starline Social Club. 2236 MLK Jr Blvd. 8pm.


04/01/17: San Francisco, CA

Record Release at The Lost Church w/ Eight Belles. 65 Capp St. 7:30pm.


03/31/17: Berkeley, CA

Record Release at Bath House w/Mikayla McVey, Kate Hoyle, Katie Wheeler-Dubin

1320 Parker St. 8pm


02/24/17: Berkeley, CA

Splendor Bus Show on Grizzly Peak Blvd w/ Kate Hoyle, Pete Fields, Penny Opry.

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02/18/17:  Oakland, CA.

Speakeasy House w/ The River Arkansas, Deep Pools. 604 56th St. 8pm.


02/01/17: San Francisco, CA

430 9th St. 8pm.


01/16/17: San Francisco, CA

Makeout Room, 7:30pm